Build Windows Executable

This section is intented for developers willing to create a BlenderVR.exe (Windows executable) based on BlenderVR source code.


For casual users, please download the current BlenderVR Excecutable, see the Installation Guide.

This installer was build using Inno Setup (v5.5.5). Please download the BlenderVR Installer source code before reading the next section.

Installer Folder Structure

  • Installer internal directories

//deps/ BlenderVR dependencies

//logo/ BlenderVR logos

//macros/ BlenderVR macros (post install & run)

//output/ Output directory after installer compilation

//doc/ Installer documentation

  • BlenderVR base folders

(copy of the Folder Structure suggested during BlenderVR Installation)

//source/ BlenderVR Source Code

//blender/ Blender Binaries

//samples/ BlenderVR Samples

//configuration files/ BlenderVR configuration files

Build BlenderVR Windows Installer

  • Build

Create .exe based on InnoSetup files:

//blendervr_online_install.iss/ install using the internet

//blendervr_offline_install.iss/ install without using the internet (packed Qt, git repository, etc.)


Do not forget to define the working directory with #define MyBaseDir “\...sources-of-the-installer-Installer_BlenderVR”.

  • Updates

Replace BlenderVR base folders by current BlenderVR Git versions.


To add new folders and files you need to perform specific modifications in the .iss files.