Install for BlenderVR Development

This guide walks you over the basic steps of setting up a development environment for BlenderVR.


For casual BlenderVR users, please refer to the Install BlenderVR page.

The install is the same as described in Install BlenderVR but for:

  • git clone of the BlenderVR repository, to freely modify and eventually commit your modifications.
  • svn/git clone of the BlenderVR samples, to eventually add your own demo scenes to the BlenderVR samples repository
  • manual compilation of Blender, if you need to modify its source code.

Most of the time you won’t need to modify and rebuild Blender, so those instructions are specified separately.

Acquiring Blender

BlenderVR requires a vanilla Blender 2.75 or newer.

If you ever need to modify and rebuild Blender for further customizations, please consult the Blender’s official documentation.

Else, download the sources provided in Acquiring Blender.

Acquiring BlenderVR

To download the latest BlenderVR git version (master HEAD):

$ git clone
$ cd source
$ git submodule update --init --recursive --remote


In old versions of git (1.6x, 1.7x) the –remote option doesn’t exist and thus should be left out

Download Samples Scenes

Regarding BlenderVR samples, Git is not a good system to work on binary files, so it’s recommended to use the SVN protocol to interact with the samples repository instead:

$ svn checkout samples

where $INSTALL_DIR is the root BlenderVR folder (see the Install BlenderVR page for more details).

Alternatively, to fetch an individual sample folder, you can use:

$ svn checkout

Alternatively if you want to access the repository via GIT you can do:

$ git clone


Install those packages or make sure you have them in your system.

All Time Mandatory

Required for Interface Development

At this moment the following packages are always required, but the plans are to make them optional.


Unix users may want to install these libraries via their package manager. If so, note that for PySide binding build, you’ll need Qt libraries along with development headers that may come from a separate package (for example on Ubuntu 14.04 where libqt4-dev is required). See PySide build scripts for more information.

Quick Setup and Running

see Quick Setup and Running in the Install BlenderVR Section.