Install BlenderVR (automatic)

This section details the install of BlenderVR based on an executable file, automation of the procedure described in the Install BlenderVR page.

Once BlenderVR installed, verify the installation by opening the newly created BlenderVR application (you should see the BlenderVR interface pop-up) and move on to the First Run page.

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If none of the provided executable is compliant / work on your machine, fallback to the Install BlenderVR page.


Windows 7 (64bits)

Download executable:


Even the Standalone install requires an internet connection (to install non-bundled python libs).

First, launch the executable, that will require administrator’s rights. Move on the installation procedure and, when asked, select Python Install for all users:


Near the end of the installation, accept the run of BlenderVR-install.bat to complete the installation.